Hairbyleong 提供男和女装理发和美发的服务,包括不同场合的Upstyling。我也有外景,影片和照片拍摄的经验。您可以随时通过电邮 hairbyleong@gmail.com 或 +614 3250 5696 与我联系,我们可以讨论哪些服务最适合您的需求。


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378 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
New South Wales 2010



Leong is one of the rare hairstylists with a powerful sense of the artistic. Always empathetic and great eye for style, colour and form. Highly recommended.
— Bill A.
You’re a genius. You’re most definitely the best xx
Have loved Leong’s cuts for decades now.. *grin* gotten to the point where no one else cuts my hair but him. He’s THE best!
Leong has great attention to detail. Give him a try, you won’t be disappointed!
— SU-AN N.
Great for commercial cuts, but even better for technical cuts which I love.
— BEA C.
I have the privilege to know Leong through our local film production Forever Fever directed by Glen Goei. Leong was the appointed hair stylist throughout the production. During his stint with us, Leong had displayed creativity for 60/70s style that allowed our film to capture the authenticity of the era in both the main and supporting cast.

Since then I have seen Leong’s constant growth in his artistry which allows him to express it in his clients crown of glory. We all love his sincere personable personality that always makes our visits to the salon a pleasant experience.

Truly a stylist and artist in his own rights and a dependable partner in ensuring project success. Till today he is constantly going for courses to keep abreast of the current trends and techniques that allows his creativity to reach new heights. Extremely glad he is my stylist.
— Amanda T.


About Leong

由于对头发的强烈迷恋, 我从一个年轻的洗头工开始,进入了关于美发的行业。在过去的二十年中,我在新加坡和悉尼都与有经验的团队合作过并从中学到许多。

纵观我的职业生涯,我很有幸的与诸如 Key Hairstylist 等许多有创意的团队合作完成照片拍摄和电影拍摄的工作。这其中包括:由魏铭耀 (Glen Goei) 执导的《蓝色大宅门》('The Blue Mansion'),由陳哲藝 (Anthony Chen) 执导的《爸妈不在家》 ('Ilo Ilo'),以及由邱金海 (Eric Khoo) 执导的《情欲房》(‘In the Room’). 我还曾经有机会和我最喜爱的女演员巩俐合作过。

Vidal Sassoon 的传统和工作理念给我带来了很大的启发。这正是我用大量时间来了解顾客的需求以及不断学习新技术以提高自己手艺的原因。


- Hairbyleong